Drink. Something. Different.

Another video for my people at Secco Wine Bar. This time a collab with a few folks from The Richmond Comedy Coalition. Kudos to Joey Tran & Shawn Hambright with Double Take Media… Continue reading

Food Trends for 2013

It’s that time of year again. Time for food writers of all stripes to weigh in with what they think will be “the next big food thing” for 2013. So far there’s been… Continue reading

Is Buzzy’z Subz the new Chick-fil-A?

A struggling sub shop owner is attempting to “Chick-fil-A” his revenue stream with a controversial new campaign. The rantings of an intolerant ignoramus? A gutsy stand for traditional values? The most desperate marketing… Continue reading

Gui Ferraro vs. Secco Wine Bar

I recently did a series of videos for my friends at Secco Wine Bar to promote their amazing lunch menu. Any similarities to characters living or dead (or currently driving a Chevy convertible with Sriracha caked… Continue reading

VA Assembly Aborts “Happy Hour” Bill (no ultrasound performed)

Late last a month, a bill that would allow restaurant owners to advertise happy hour specials online was withdrawn out of concern of it being “too controversial.” Let that sink in for a… Continue reading

The Place (The Restaurant…The Movie)

One industry trend that has grown a little stale for me is that of the super-minimalist restaurant name. Over the last few years there seems to have been an increasing number of establishments… Continue reading

I am what I ate. I’ll be what eats me.

“Even kings are eaten by worms.” – Zach Morris It started, innocuously enough, with my wife and I lying in bed discussing “Saved By the Bell.” I was impressing her with my encyclopedic… Continue reading

Two Grills, One Chop: The Internet’s Most Perplexing Food Porn

  These days the internet is rife with captivating food images that run the gamut from edible high-art to lust/shame-inducing food-smut. But it’s the curious images below that have captured my heart above… Continue reading

Bullsh*t Beer Gimmicks Through the Ages

The Ancestor — Pawuel Kwak Dating back to 1731, Pawuel Kwak is a Belgian amber ale whose signature glass is arguably the first recorded example of bullshit beer gimmickry. The design probably came… Continue reading

Sandwich Dipping Sauce + Bearded Man Desperate for Money and/or Attention = Ew

I can only guess as to what this ad for Quiznos is trying to plant in the consumer’s brain, but here’s what I took away from it: 1) Super-weird, esoteric humor (a la… Continue reading