My name is Matt. I have many passions, but eating, drinking and writing are the only ones I’ve had much success with. I used to write press material, consult on menus and make coffee for a celebrity restaurateur in NYC. Now I live in Richmond, VA where I work for an amazing little wine bar, write, make music, act, and make coffee for my own damn self.

About the blog…

Though this could probably be categorized as a “food blog,” I like to think of it more as a blog that uses food as a point of departure (in case you couldn’t tell from that phrase alone, I am currently wearing a tweed blazer and smoking a pipe). In other words: no recipes unless they offer some watershed “holy grail” discovery and no amateur restaurant reviews (“My steak was cooked perfectly and, though we didn’t say a word to each other all night, my wife seemed to enjoy her salad or whatever. 12 out of 17 sporks!”).

Basically the focus is anything food-related that illuminates something beyond the pure nuts and bolts of dining, eating and cooking. Food experiences and observations that ellicit anything from a simple laugh to a profound philosophical (TWEED) voyage into the very heart (BLAY-) of the human condition (-ZER!).