Chef + Folded Arms = BADASS

Back when I was growing up, cooking wasn’t cool. We didn’t have the Anthony Bourdains, the Jaime Olivers or the Guy Fieris (so, I guess it wasn’t all that bleak). Cooking shows were… Continue reading

Dog Toothpaste + Clever Rebranding = $8 Novelty Item

Let’s start with a couple caveats: 1) I really like bacon. 2) I have at least one friend who would genuinely enjoy this product (you know who you are…Erin Hanley). BUT… This is… Continue reading

Clowned (or: The Cosmic Weight of a Bad Burrito)

Perhaps what interests me most about food is its ability to communicate. A meal is not merely a sensual experience but an emotional one as well. The amount of care, creativity or attention… Continue reading